How To Tutor by Samuel L. Blumenfeld

How To Tutor

Book Title: How To Tutor

Publisher: Paradigm Co.

ISBN: 0941995011

Author: Samuel L. Blumenfeld

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Samuel L. Blumenfeld with How To Tutor

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How To Tutor, by famed writer Samuel L. Blumenfeld, first available 38 years ago has without change continued to be an outstanding resource to teach the Three R's.  It has not changed because it works so well.  It is a whole school in one book for only $ 29.95.  Its three parts are (1) Sam Blumenfeld's amazingly easy to teach systematic, intensive phonics READING instruction program. (2) His effective CURSIVE HANDWRITING program and (3) his equally effective ARITHMETIC PROGRAM. Has been used by 100,000's parents, teachers and tutors. Mary Pride, leading homeschooling materials reviewer, calls it a best value. 298 pages.  How To Tutor works at ALL ages.  Anyone who can read can teach the 3 R's  with it.  WHY IS HOW TO TUTOR IMPORTANT? Dr. Blumenfeld warns: Most parents wait until their child is having difficulty at school before they think of providing remediation.  Sometimes the child is so far behind, so confused, so frustrated by not learning in the first two grades, that the remedial program looks long and difficult.  However, proper tutoring at the preschool level or in the first two grades, as a preventive measure, can make sure that the child has the foundation on which to build achievement.  How To Tutor provides parents and teachers with a complete instructional program: step-by-step lesson plans in the Three R's. It originally was to help public school students.  Since then the continued decline in many plublic schools made HOMESCHOOLING much more important. Homeschool families discovered what a gem this book is for them. (1) READING: The big problem today.  How To Tutor shows how to avoid the confusion in teaching reading that prevails in our schools today. 117 complete lessons.  Contains everything you need to teach your student to be a top reader. You learn the dirty little secret professional educators keep from you:  It is really EASY TO TEACH READING!  There are only 44 sounds (Phonograms) you need to teach your student to build a high level of reading skill.  (2) CURSIVE HANDWRITING: Grandparents today are often shocked to learn that  in many schools cursive is not taught.  With How To Tutor you are given all the tools you need to teach this important skill with ease.  Here is another little secret: Cursive can be taught BEFORE printing (ball & stick). There are only THREE basic strokes involved in cursive handwriting.  Most children can learn these at a surprisingly early age.  Learning about this will amaze you.  73 complete lessons.  (3)ARITHMETIC: Quoting Dr. Blumenfeld: In teaching arithmetic it is important to convey the genius of the system itself. Next to the alphabet, it is the greatest mental tool ever devised by man. We should approach the subject with the excitement it deserves.  Any teacher who makes arithmetic dull does so because he does not understand its beautiful simplicity, logic and facility which permits us to do so much with so little. HTT Arithmetic  covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, weights, time, and the calender.  Everything up to just before geometry and algebra.  All this in 67 easy lessons.  FINAL WORD: Anyone can use these lesson plans: students, parents, teachers, tutors, retired teachers, housewives and grandparents.  Tutoring can be a good way to earn extra money while aiding people who need help to improve their reading, handwriting and arithmetic ability.  Some of the claims we make may appear unbelievable.  They are TRUE. We have heard from countless users who canot say enough about HTT's simplicity and effectiveness.  See for yourself. Moneyback guarantee. HTT also available at Amazon in:  How To Tutor eBook - CD ROM version (ISBN 9780941995474- $ 17.95) and Plastic Comb Bound version (ISBN: 9780941995252 - $ 29.95)